Symposium 2019

Last week I was absent from writing the blog due to preparing to attend the 30th annual Symposium at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. As a member of the 1988 class, which graduated a year before the inception of the symposia, it’s been suggested that the faculty took one look at us, going out the door, and thought “these guys are going to need some continuing education!”

            This year’s theme, of “(re)Forming the Devotional Life,” was very helpful. It began with the following definition, provided by Dr. David Schmitt: 

Devotion is…

·      A deep reverence for a particular teaching of the faith

·      That manifests itself in contemplative and active practices in the world.


In the face of the distractions of daily life, disenchantment with the world, and disillusionment with the church, devotion helps us to focus, to develop a scriptural imaginary, and rely more readily on God’s revelation to us in His Word. Thank you, Redeemer, for the opportunity to once again attend. I’m looking forward to sharing more of this in the days to come.