Our membership class, Discover Redeemer, is held several times per year. Sign up to be notified when the next class starts.

Step One

Often people will rush to join a congregation soon after visiting just a few times. We recommend that you get to know us first, and to be honest, let us get to know you. Worship with us for at least three months before deciding to join. You may even want to attend all three service times to see what the differences are. Come to Sunday morning Bible class. Perhaps even ask about being a guest at a small group. As you spend some time doing these things, you can get a good feel for the congregation, its members, its patterns, its values.

Step Two

Once you've determined that this is a congregation where you can live and serve as a disciple of Jesus, then sign up for our Discover Redeemer class. We highly value relationships at Redeemer; we reflect this in our mission statement "Celebrating Christ by Growing Up, Growing Out, and Growing Together". This why we have everyone go through the class, regardless of your background or prior membership. We make it easy for you to attend the classes as all of them are on Sunday mornings during our Education Hour from 9:30-10:25 a.m. Remember that the classes not only help you to grow in your faith and commitment, but you'll also get to know the Pastors, other staff members, and build relationships with other new members of Redeemer. It's an all around win/win situation! 

Step Three

Be received into membership at Redeemer during our Sunday morning worship. You will be asked to confess your faith in Jesus and in the doctrines of our church, but you will be guided through the process, have your responses in front of you and stand together with the many new members who are joining at the same time. Don’t worry…it’s very easy to do!