During two of the last three weekends we have conducted surveys at our worship services. The same surveys are available online for those who weren’t in attendance but would like to put in their two cents.

            One survey was on communication at Redeemer. We have altered a few of the usual lines of communication and added a couple, as well. Communication is always in need of attention and we want to be as good and as clear at it as possible. We appreciate the input we’ve received. The results are still being tabulated and we will communicate them when finished.

            The second survey, over this past weekend, was on safety. That’s admittedly a broad category. Under that heading we want to develop plans regarding how we can best respond to fire alarms, tornado sirens, medical needs, active shooters, and other emergencies. Again, thank you for your participation. Once this survey has been tabulated, we will solicit people who would be interested in being part of our safety teams and we will begin training. And after that, we would have some congregational training for responding to the incidents mentioned, above. 

            Thank you for your interest and involvement. And let us hasten to add that if you have something else you feel ought to be addressed, please simply let us know.