Congratulations! We consider it both an awesome privilege and an awesome responsibility to walk with you through the process of preparing to be married. The average couple spends 200 hours or more preparing the wedding day. The marriage preparation process at Redeemer is formatted to walk along with you as you begin to prepare for your life-time life together.

Our marriage preparation process throughout is above all Christ-centered, Celebrating His love, and blessings. In order to assist you in growing together and Growing Up-Out-Together as followers of Jesus we ask all our couples to receive premarital counseling. Your Wedding Coordinator, Director of Music Ministry, and the Pastor share this desire for you and your fiancé. At this time, the marriage preparation process is only available to members of Redeemer.

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Baptism is one important part of a person's faith journey of Celebrating Christ. Through Baptism we are given Grace, the Holy Spirit, and a brand-new life in Jesus. Its power lies in the relationship and faith given by God. As a disciple of Christ, faith is nurtured by growth opportunities such as learning God’s desires and worship. (Ephesians 2:8-10; Matthew 28:19-20)

This life event is an opportunity to continue Growing Up- Out -Together. One way we seek to accomplish this is by having you join us for a Baptismal Preparation Class. This experience provides you an opportunity to meet and learn from others at this life stage, understand the meaning-power-blessing of Baptism for daily life, and discuss how to nurture this Gift given by God.


When moving within our area, please submit a change of address request below to ensure that you receive church communication. If you are moving from our area, please contact the church office to receive information on Lutheran churches in the area to which you are moving, so we can help you find a new church home.

Illness & Hospitalization

Please notify the church office at 309-691-2333 at times of special illness and especially hospitalization. We do contact the three Peoria hospitals every day to see if any of our members are in the hospital (you must indicate membership at Redeemer on your admission sheet for us to be informed you have been admitted). If you would like to have communion prior to surgery or at some other time during hospitalization or illness, please notify the church office. You are invited to request prayers of the congregation for yourself and other loved ones who are ill, hospitalized, or in special need.


To minister to you it is important that you notify one of the pastors at times of critical illness or death of a member of the congregation. When making funeral arrangements, please consider the church as a place for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and the hope of the life everlasting for those who die with faith in Christ.