Disaster Relief

My thoughts over the past few days have been where a number of people’s thoughts have been – on the plight of those facing the flood waters on the Great Plains and in the Midwest. My wife, Jami, and I have most recently moved to Peoria, Illinois, from Norfolk, Nebraska, and our children live in Omaha, so there are many people we know who have experienced evacuation and tremendous loss. We have joined many of you in praying for God’s deliverance, strength, and blessings for those facing the flood waters.

If you would like to help, these are a few sites you might want to explore. There are no better stewards of resources for aid than Orphan Grain Train and the Nebraska District, LCMS. Thank you for your concern and care.


Ndlcms.org (and look under news and events for Disaster Relief. There you will find links for LCMS World Relief and Human Care Disaster Response, among others).