The Lenten Journey

A friend from college and I got back together after a few decades of not even knowing where the other one was (thank you, Facebook!). That was a couple of years ago. 

            But then, just last week, E. I. messaged me about an organization of which we were both a part in college. It was one of the more formative extra-curricular activities I experienced in college and it could use a bit of attention from the alumni.

            While we were talking, E. I. expressed an interest in taking part in some type of Lenten discipline. Was there anything I could suggest? I happened to be looking at my bookshelf in the study and a volume of devotions written by Walt Wangerin, Jr., caught my eye. My friend purchased it that day and we talk each week about what we’ve read (thank you, Jeff Shoumaker, for that idea!).

            In this way my friend and I are walking together on this Lenten journey. Such a pilgrimage, if you will, enables us to hold one another accountable. We are encouraged to keep up the discipline and we benefit from each other’s perspective. (These are the intended benefits of being in a Synod, a word meaning “same road”, i.e. “walking together”).

            God’s blessings be yours in abundance as together we make this forty day journey through Lent.