Again, for your prayers...

            I was going to write this morning about what a blessing, albeit mixed, social media has become. There were two high schools in my home town, each of them in the third highest strata of enrollment – which, in Nebraska in the late seventies, wasn’t all that large. We knew kids from each school and got along well in our small town of 3500 souls. 

            But it’s been in the last couple of years that, through Facebook, I’ve grown in appreciation for the faith of a number of the people in the other school. We have interacted with one another more through posts or messages than we ever had face to face. And, while I sheepishly admit that, I am truly thankful for that gift.

            Here ends the post, however. I’ll continue with that thought, or perhaps another one, after we return from Omaha. Our son just called to let me know that he and his expectant wife have gone to the hospital for delivery. Please enfold Krista, Chase, and baby Winter in your prayers – and the grandparents on each side as they travel to rejoice in this wonder.