D Day Remembered

Did your eyes get a little moist, your throat a little tight as you watched some of the commemorations surrounding last week’s 75th anniversary of D Day? Yeah, mine too. 

            The remarks of Presidents Trump and Macron were memorable. The preceding day’s observations from Portsmouth, England, were stirring. The Higgins boats’ fatality figures during the storming of the beaches at Normandy were almost incomprehensible.

            What fortitude. What bravery. What sacrifice. 

            Never underestimate what God could work through you, were you to live in a different time frame. He has His purposes to work through you in this day and age (Ephesians 2:10), so such musings are really beside the point. 

            Still, I’m thankful for what the countries of the Free World were willing and able to do to stop the Axis powers in those fateful years of the Second World War. Thank you, Lord, for the freedom we enjoy at such a costly price. Grant us the strength and the opportunities to utilize it to share the freedom we know in the Gospel, which came at an even higher cost.