In these last few weeks an interesting juxtaposition has occurred, as it always does in this season. Confirmation rites have taken place in congregations across the country; young men and women confessing what they’ve learned about the God Who called them in baptism to know His mercy, forgiveness, and grace through all eternity. Similarly, relatives and friends have gotten to celebrate graduation exercises, high school and college. At the very least, classes in primary and secondary schools are concluding. There are plenty of examples of things that have “run their course”.

            At the same time, we have evidence of spring all around us. The trees and lawns are greening. The blossoms have been colorful and abundant. And in our neighborhood, the fifteen goslings are maturing so quickly in the flock of Canadian geese that have taken up residence at the pond.

            The juxtaposition to which I referred is between the “ends” of the first paragraph and the “starts” of the second. We are tempted to see them as finite entities – conclusions and beginnings which differ greatly from one another.

            But the encouragement offered here is to see all of this under the heading of “transition.” One phase of life, one chapter of the story is passing, but that means it’s time to move on to the next. Those graduating will be moving on either to further education and training, or to establishing their own household. Those being confirmed have learned the bedrock doctrines of the faith in Christ Jesus, but there is so much more! In Christ and in all the life He has given there is a calling to continual growth, learning, and becoming.

            Please enjoy what you or someone in your family has recently accomplished for it is certainly worthy of it! Rest for a moment as you can. But then go into the new challenges and opportunities before you assured of God’s presence and love!