It's not what I wanted. But, it was good.

“It’s not what I’d wanted. But it was good.”

            Does this sound like a description of a Christmas present recently opened? I suppose it could be, with just a touch of disappointment in the voice during the first sentence. And then the second sentence hurries right in there, trying to convince the gift-giver it’s still a wonderful present!

            Or could it be said with a sound of surprise in the first sentence? It’s the wrong order brought to you by the restaurant wait staff. But it tasted good!

            For me, the first sentence has to do with the fact that I lost my voice by the close of the 9:30 service on Christmas Eve and there was precious little of it left on Christmas Day. I wasn’t able to sing many of the songs that I love and here it is, Saturday, December 29th, and I’m still struggling with it. This is not what I’d wanted for the first celebration of the nativity of our Lord, here.

            But, there was so much good to enjoy! There was beautiful music throughout the services – harp, violin, brass, choral, organ, keyboard and guitars. The setting was, itself, stunning with the trees, the poinsettias, and the lighting. We had a great visit with Jami’s parents and our son and his wife, Chase and Krista, through the holidays.

            And truly, “good” is far too tame a word. I should probably describe it as great, because all of these surrounded, embellished, and amplified the adoration of the Christ child, born to Mary. Jesus was the center of it, as He rightly is: the One Who came to set us free from sin, death and everlasting condemnation through His suffering, death, and triumphant resurrection. 

            God the Father gave us a gift we didn’t know that we wanted, a gift we didn’t know how deeply we needed. Thank you, God, for the gift of Your Son, Jesus, and the opportunities we have had at Christmas to rejoice in this.