Changes and a Constant

2018 10 22 Blog


            We discovered in our move to Peoria that my alarm clock was no longer working. Thankfully, I’m a light sleeper and the automatic coffeemaker’s signal that the brew is complete has been enough to wake me up from its perch in the kitchen. Still, I’d rather not depend on that faint noise.

            So, Jami was on a mission to buy a new one the other day. To her surprise she found only one or two models of alarm clocks at Target; the same was true at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They just don’t make many alarm clocks any more.

            Some have been surprised that I don’t use my phone as an alarm. I guess I could if I would silence all the rest of the alerts (see “light sleeper”, above). Then, too, I prefer waking up to a classical radio station instead of a buzzer, if possible. If that’s available on my i-phone, please let me know!

            All of that reminded me of the constant march of progress or technology. Along with the alarm clock I guess I could lament the demise of the buggy whip manufacturers. There cannot be many of them anymore, either. They are simply not in great demand. 

            Or, I could consider the tools of my trade. I continue to use the volumes lining the shelves in my study. But I no longer compose a letter, sermon, or Bible Class without the word processing of my computer. And I rarely deliver a sermon without a power point presentation, or something like it. 

            There are blessed advancements in this world, thanks to technology and brilliant people. But, Tim Elmore suggested an important caution for our age in his recent book Marching Off the Map(page 208). As he compared various ages through which our economies have moved, he noted certain strengths that were needed in each. He put it this way:

            Historical Era                                                   How People Differentiate Themselves

1.    Agricultural Age                                              1. Stronger muscles

2.    Industrial Age                                                  2. Stronger machines

3.    Information Age                                             3. Stronger minds

4.    Intelligence Age                                              4. Stronger morals

            Thankfully our morals, our ethics, and our values have a constant, unchanging source in our Lord Jesus the Christ. As the writer to the Hebrews put it, this loving Savior Who gave His life as the sacrifice for our forgiveness is “the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8) He is the trustworthy source of all truth and value Who has said of Himself in the Revelation of Christ Jesus to St. John, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13).

            While things change with remarkable speed all around us, take the time on the Lord’s Day to be with God in His House, amidst His people. There He will share with you His unchanging love, a source of constant peace and security in every age, world without end.