Redeemer supports several Christian organizations which provide significant mercy ministries as well as proclaim that there is hope in Christ. We thank God for their good work and encourage one another to serve those for whom Christ died. 


Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT)

LERT is made up of members of Redeemer who are trained in disaster response. Our volunteers are equipped to work in a variety of disaster outreach ministries, such as food and water distribution, sheltering, cleanup and debris removal, basic repair, and property protection. Specialized chainsaw training is also available to members of the team.

 Our LERT team is self-supporting and self-sustaining, and all of our work and expenses are covered by our volunteers. No one who has been helped is ever charged a fee of any kind. Our LERT Team is truly “Mercy in Action.”



A group of men of all ages road trip to the heart of Appalachia, one week a year in late April, to be a blessing to a community of very special people! The week is spent constructing, securing, and restoring area homes and facilities, sharing our hope and faith in Jesus Christ and growing together in fellowship.

This trip is highlighted by the completion of challenging yet deeply rewarding work, witnessing the love of Christ to a community in need, and developing deep friendships!

One can truly see God’s love and witness the Holy Spirit moving in the beautiful hills of Appalachia!